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Please Join Us! 

We are so excited about the work, fun, & fellowship planned for the Venture24 Work Week! Would you like to help us with renovations on the ground at Venture of Faith Camp? All are welcome to join us in Lake Park, GA for any number of days during the week of April 20-26. Food and lodging will be provided to those who register below!



"The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycamores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars."


Significant progress has been made regarding camp property renovations. The inside remodeling of the Tabernacle is complete with new paint, ceilings, lights, chairs, bathrooms, screens, and sound systems. Gutters have been added to the dining hall building, as well as to the boys’ and girls’ dorms. A new French drainage system was placed between the dining hall and girls’ dorms to alleviate any future flooding issues.


Unfortunately, we also experienced some heartache and financial loss due to Hurricane Idalia. The eye of the storm passed directly over the camp with Category 2 winds and rain storms. Like many people in the southern parts of Florida and Georgia, Venture of Faith Camp suffered large amounts of property damage. Hearts with Hands, our disaster relief organization, was staged at the camp to help surrounding communities. The road to recovery began with cutting our way out of the fallen trees, downed power lines, and mangled building structures. We estimated a loss of over 200 trees at the property.

Due to the destruction from the storm, we are now in greater need of sponsors, funding, and partnerships. We continue to be in clean-up mode and have been gathering quotes and prices for repairs. The camp’s original purchase and renovation fundraising goal was $500,000 (500 partners each donating $1,000). Thank you for gifting $102,000 towards this goal! VFC currently has 12 supporting churches and receives an average of $890 monthly in mission support. The camp’s power bill averages $2,901 monthly, excluding telephone, gas, propane, trash, pool, and other expenses. GLM mission support has played a vital role in the continuation of our mission and projects at VFC.

With these financial considerations in mind, we are starting the Venture24 campaign to repair, rebuild, and renew Venture of Faith Camp. We need your help to “put the pieces back together!” Whether it be financial giving or physical labor such as pressure washing, landscaping, painting, construction, or electrical work, we would greatly appreciate your help. Please contact your churches, Sunday school classes, and missions departments to ask them about their participation in this project. Many generous volunteers have already begun to rebuild what was lost. The to-do list keeps growing with projects, but we have faith in God’s provision.

Our goal for this Venture24 campaign is to raise what is left of our original $500,000 need. We would greatly appreciate your help in raising the remaining $398,000. 


Thank you for your time and consideration of our mission!

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